Form For School Groups 2023


A very special cordial invite is extended to you and the learners of your school to attend the Winter Festival on Wednesday 26th of April 2023. Seeing that the Winter Festival will be held over a four-day period of which two days’ will be holiday’s, we are only able to accommodate the children for the one day. We do however plan a full day of activities for this day.

Kindly diarize these dates.

Please take note of the following information:

  • Bookings are essential. Please make use of the contact list below to RSVP or request any additional information.
  • The Gates will open at 09:00am and the program will run from 10:00am till 15:00pm.
  • Fee per learner is R100.00 and includes the following:
    • ✓ Entry to the festival grounds,
    • ✓ An educational program that includes some fun activities,
    • ✓ 1 free ride at the fun fair per learner
    • ✓ Inflatables & Water Fun
  • One (1) Educator accompanying 15 learners will be allowed free entry.
  • NO Food will be allowed to enter the Show Grounds and be consumed on the terrain – we have decreased the fee per learner this year to enable them to purchase food at the festival at their own convenience. We have noticed over the years that the children prefer to walk around, play and enjoy the activities at the festival and don’t want to be sat down or limited to times for food etc.

Should you require any additional information please contact one of our committee members listed below and we will be
happy to assist.