Winterfees logoThe Newcastle Winter festival has been running for the last 28 years and is the biggest festival in NKZN. We are a NPO that started this project to be able to give back to our community with money raised from this event. We have +- 30 other NPO’s and schools with feeding projects that we support in terms of donations from the winter festival. We have 36 volunteers that organize this festival in their spare time to serve the community around us.

The Winter festival will be held from 25 April – 27 April 2024. We are expecting +- 25000 people to attend this year. We also have +- 6000 kids that will attend the festival on 25 April 2024 that would not be able to attend it under normal circumstances. They also get an educational program that includes road safety, drugs and alcohol abuse and the importance of education.

We have the best artists in the country attending our festival every year. We also have a arts department, Funfair, inflatable’s and +-250 exhibitors that attend of all over the country .This festival is a huge boost of our local economy as we attract people for far and wide to attend.