Luzanne is a young, beautiful, energetic and vibrant young upcoming singer. Luzanne was born on 6 August 1995 in Pretoria. Her love for music was cultivated from a very young age. As a little, quiet and shy girl she started singing lessons and within a few months this girl started to develop into the young beautiful, energetic and vibrant young singer and woman. Luzanne loves to sing anything from Afrikaans, Pop, Gospel and Country – which is the closest to her.

Luzanne started taking singing lessons from age 9. She sings in various styles and genres: Afrikaans, Pop, Gospel and Country.

Luzanne started taking guitar lessons early in 2012 and she proved herself to be quite comfortable in front of cameras and camera lights.

Luzanne realized very soon in her live that she had a love toward the performing arts, especially singing. Luzanne sang in the school choir and participated in school revues and musicals where she had the privilege to feature as a soloist and in 2013 she won the RVR Production Trophy as the best solist. She participated in various Eisteddfods, art festivals and talent concerts where she blossomed in the limelight