Miss Winter Festival 2023

The search for Miss Winter Festival 2023 is on! We are looking for a young lady to be an ambassador for our town, be actively involved in our local community through charities, be kind and compassionate. Be an example to our youth and make a difference in her year of reign.” Proudly hosted at the Winter festival on 27 April 2023.

    Miss WF 2023

    No late entries will be accepted. Closing date for entries: 17 April 2023

    Date of birth / ID number:
    Age as on 27 April 2023:
    Contact number:
    Parent / Guardian:
    Contact number for parent / guardian:
    Residential address:

    Please WhatsApp completed entry form and proof of payment along
    with a photo of yourself, to: Sharne Dheochand 082 522 7569

    Newcastle Winter Festival
    ABSA Bank, Account number: 1090157422
    Payment reference: MissWF+Your initials and surname


    I/we hereby give The Newcastle Winter Festival consent to process my personal information, in accordance with the provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act, for all purposes related to the carrying out of this pageant.

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