Bunny Chow Competition

Entry fee is R400 per team.

All entry & indemnity forms to be submitted and entry fees to be paid by no later than 17 April 2023. Payments can be made at the Winter Festival Office or via EFT Payment.



REFERENCE: Potjiekos & Team Name

Proof of payment, Entry Form and indemnity form to be emailed to: info@winterfestival.co.za

****Best Bunny Chow*****

Your entry form and proof of payment must be supplied upon entry at the Motor Gate Entrance. Two entry tickets and One Vehicle Permit will be supplied per team.

For bookings & Enquiries please contact: Andrea Fourie – 069 558 7777 / Elmar Gouws – 082 324 6325 / Jakkie de Bruin – 068 541 1779 

Indemnity Form & Rules


  • Please note that competitors must be over 18 years of age to take part in this competition.
  • Each team will receive a stand / stall of at least 3m by 3m. Bring own gazebo.
  • All Teams are required to supply their own equipment (braais / gas stove, wood, charcoal, firelighters, pot, bread pot, cooking utensils, crockery,  cutlery, tables, chairs , gazebos and other decor items) as well as their own ingredients for the bunny chow.
  • Team members are permitted to use alcohol responsibly in their allocated stand / stall.  No alcohol may be given to any minors under any circumstances. This is a family friendly event. Please note that the bunny chow will be on the main arena next to the Bar area.


  • A team consist of 2 members. No aditional assistance will be permitted.

  • A briefing will take place with the team captains before the event. This will be a general briefing on the format of the competition and the judging procedure will be provided to the team captains. The captain needs to be present during the briefing session.

  • All necessary ingredients must be supplied by the teams.

  • Competitors must ensure that food does not spoil in the sun.

  • Meat may not be marinated or pre-cooked.

  • Safety precautions! It is important that participants take caution in the event of a fire.  A bucket of sand or fire extinguisher is a must.


  • The stalls may be set up on the day of the competition from 08:00

  • A specific stand / stall for stall will be allocated by the organisers of the event. The stall allocated must be accepted.

  • Banners and Advertising Boards may be displayed.

  • No vehicles will be permitted at the stalls after 08:30. Vehicles may be parked at the exhibitors parking area.

  • All stalls must be broken down and removed from the premises by 13:00 on the day.


  • Judging panel will consist of 2 – 4 independent judges. Please ensure that you prepare accordingly.
  • The winners will be determined by the most points on the board and the judges decision will be final.
  • Competitors are not permitted to use other people to prepare food.
  • The teams will be judged on the following categories: Bunny chow, Presentation, stall set up and team spirit.


  • Disregarding the following conditions will lead to disqualification:

  • When a competitor swears a judge, uses foul language or refuses to accept the judges decision.

  • When behaviour is not acceptable towards the public.

  • When ingredients are prepared prior to the commencement  of the competition is used.

  • When competitors does not adhere to the rules and regulations stipulated above.

  • Unnecessary use of Fire Extinguishers.


We hereby indemnify the organisers, committee, judges
and sponsors of any injury, loss or death incurred while
associated with the event. We accept the Rules &
Regulations of the competition and will adhere to them at
all times to avoid disqualification. We accept the judges’
decision as final.


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