27 April 2019

How much do you know about DJ PSA? He is a South African diverse DJ, one of the most breakthrough names locally in the past 5 years. True enough, but there’s so much more to his story than that.He is one of the most interesting characters in the music industry, someone who has stuck to his musical guns since day one, someone who has wide-ranging roots that run deep in his past,yet he is also the embodiment of the future. His signature sound is a raw blend of house, hiphop, rnb and old school with a very addictive feel. With that said, DJ PSA has been on the biggest line-ups and events to hit our local districts like the following, Amcor Music Festival, UMF (Uthrect Music Festival), All White Summer explosion, Show off you ride, Majube Spring Picnic, All white party and much more. Stay tuned to his social media pages for more updates.